Mark Prutsalis is the President of Globaliist Inc., an emergency management and disaster response consulting firm based in Brooklyn, New York.  He is a member of Sahana’s Project Management Committee (PMC), is a founding member of the Sahana Software Foundation’s Transition Board, and is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), the National Emergency Managers Association (NEMA), and the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA).

Mark has over 15 years of operational humanitarian relief and emergency management experience following major international and domestic natural and man-made disasters.  He has a proven record of implementing complex operational projects in diverse and austere post-disaster environments through leadership, planning and appropriate use of tools and technology.  He has also led and managed several planning, preparedness and mitigation projects, including tabletop and functional exercise design for governments, military, international organizations, and the public and private sector.  Mark is a skilled trainer and has delivered both emergency management and operational end-user training in several subject areas, including emergency communications, security, continuity of operations, and humanitarian information system applications.

Mark has led humanitarian assistance missions in response to diverse natural disasters such as Hurricanes Mitch in Central America and Katrina/Rita in the United States, volcanic eruptions in Ecuador, earthquakes in Pakistan, Turkey, Taiwan and India, and the 2004 Asian tsunami in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.  Mark has also responded to man-made disasters and conflicts in Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Central Africa, Southern Sudan and East Timor.  For the past several years, he has been managing several emergency planning and preparedness projects for the City of New York, including for their Office of Emergency Management, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  He has specific sectoral expertise in needs assessment, logistics management, humanitarian information systems, staff and site security, IT & telecommunications, and program administration.

Mark led the humanitarian mission to Sri Lanka for the IBM Crisis Response Team following the 2004 Asian tsunami and, in partnership with the Lanka Software Foundation, helped design the requirements and planned for the deployment of the first version of Sahana within weeks of the tsunami.  Mark also managed the  design and use of Sahana by the City of New York to manage staffing assignments and victim registration at hurricane shelters as part of the City’s Coastal Storm Plan, and supported the deployment and customization of Sahana following disasters in Pakistan (2005 earthquake), the Philippines (2006 mudslides), Indonesia (2006 earthquake), Peru (2007 earthquake), and Bangladesh (2007 cyclone).


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  1. Mark,

    Welcome to the neighborhood. It looks like we both started our emergency preparedness blogs about the same time. I am the Founder and President of LifeSecure. We sell emergency preparedness solutions to government agencies, corporations and businesses of all sizes, schools and families. My partners and I started the business just four months before katrina hit in 2005. To date we’ve helped about 170,000 people get prepared for an emergency or disaster.

    I have bookmarked your blog and sbscribed to your feed and I will be interested in your perspective on preparedness as you chronicle your “journey”. I too try to take a very practical approach to preparedness. This comes through my actually having lived through many different types of disasters – thus the “Secure Survivor” reference. I was born in the US but grew up overseas in Australia and the Philippines and spent time in Mexico as a young man. All together, i spent about 13 years abroad. I now live just outside of Chicago.

    I am starting a reference of emergency preparedness consultants on my blog (everylifesecure.com). I’d be happy to add you to the list if you wish – just let me know. Our consulting is limited to advice on emergency kits and supplies. I will add your blog to my Blogroll and would be interested in trading links and seeing how we might help each other to grow our reach.

    Let me know if I can be of help as I have been working on ways to publicize my blog. Have you registered with Technorati yet? I’d be interested in any tips you have that are working for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you and supporting your blogging efforts.



  2. Thanks for your message. I am glad to meet you. I spent a little time on your blog and LifeSecure website last night and I’m very impressed. As you probably noted from my “About Me” page, most of my experience is in responding to international disasters – at the beginning of my career the nasty man-made kind with lots of people shooting at each other – and more lately the natural kind with earth moving, waters flooding, winds blowing type. I personally have not been present for a major natural disaster – I usually get there a day or two later. You’ve had an interesting life in that regards.

    You’ve had some great experiences and you definitely started your business at a good time for it (unfortunately). Your product line contains just about everything one could wish for – the kits are well packaged, practically portable, and not too costly either. I’d be glad to cross-promote your efforts on Living Prepared – I’ve already added links to your blog and corporate site.

    Best regards,

  3. Heyyyyyy, hello stranger…. Long time no see nor hear!


  4. Good to hear from you my friend. It has been too long. I couldn’t have gotten here without you. Check out the links to your site!

  5. Hi Mark,

    Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? To help encourage Americans to prepare for emergencies, both man-made and natural disasters, the Ad Council has launched the Ready Campaign. [http://www.ready.gov/]

    The goal of the Ready Campaign is to get the public involved and ultimately to increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation. Ready is nationwide effort to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools.

    The campaign asks individuals to:
    (1) get an emergency supply kit
    (2) make a family emergency plan
    (3) be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses

    I thought you might be interested in sharing this important information with your readers. Here is a widget you can embed on your blog that contains links to news and resources from this campaign: http://seed.sproutbuilder.com/vgA3Qu3yD0Rq3Krh

    Your readers also might be interested in using this interactive emergency family plan tool: http://ready.adcouncil.org/beprepared/

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. Thanks for your help in spreading this important message and encouraging your readers to be prepared!

  6. Indeed. Thanks Stacy for this important reminder. Ready.gov is one of the best preparedness sites around. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hati / Sahana

    Do you know if an instance of Sahana has been set up for Hati earthquake?

    If a Sahana website has been set up, where would one find it?
    If not, what is the (human) protocol for setting up an instance of Sahana?

    Jim Callahan
    Orlando, FL

  8. Hi,

    As part of Hurricane Preparedness Week 2011, Everyday Health has created The Hurricane Disaster-Proof Healthy Eating Guide to serve as the food preparedness resource for upcoming hurricane season and all natural disasters.


    Based on your preparedness coverage, we think the visitors of living-prepared.com will find it useful to get prepared now in a healthy way rather than later during a disaster. Let me know if you are able to mention so we can give you a shout out in an upcoming blog wrap-up at the start of the hurricane season.

    Stay safe and eat well!

    Julia Lee
    Outreach Director
    Everyday Health
    345 Hudson Street, 16th Floor
    New York, New York 10014


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