Welcome to Living Prepared

Welcome to Living Prepared, the blog of Globaliist Inc.’s President Mark Prutsalis.  In the coming months, I will be posting excerpts and advice to help everyone live prepared for disasters, and also keep you up to date on how I am doing myself at practicing what I preach.

The idea for this blog came from a project I am undertaking to write a personal emergency preparedness manual based on my experience and those of other experts.  When starting to compile lists such as “the 10 things you should never leave home without”, “essential go-bag checklists” and “emergency items to stock in the home” and other such nonsense, it struck me that a lot of the advice was not practical nor was  it something that I followed.

For example, how much bottled water and non-perishable food do I really have stored in the basement?  (None).  Do I really carry a flashlight with me every time I leave the house?  (Yes).  Why do the essential contents of my family of four’s (plus one cat) go-bag weigh over 100 pounds and won’t even fit in my SUV?  (I don’t know).  Is this kit packed today and ready to go?  (No).

Thus, the challenge… to revise, rewrite, and rethink personal emergency preparedness advice to make it practical and, at the same time, to live it and document that experience to validate that it is practical and that I do indeed practice what I preach.  I hope that the result of this project will be a better tome of emergency and disaster preparedness than otherwise would have been possible.

Comments, criticisms and discussion are welcome, and I will try to address any questions as well.

Mark Prutsalis

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